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this time with authority. Motivation is seeping out of somewhere and negs are being scanned... Soon enough the digital will be thrown into play and I'll be uploading almost daily again... maybe. Potentially new news - Just got back from Thailand, back at work, engaged, quitting smoking and succeeding, chewing on an ice cream stick, we're buying a decked out van to travel Australia taking photos.. dreams and direction are rather grand.

good to be back
Well I claimed I was back and active on DA but things changed... On Australia day my brother was in a car accident in Perth, leaving him without an eye and in a coma. I've since flown back to Perth and hes since risen from his coma. Things have been arduous, but all things considered, developments have been nothing but positive little miracles. Dave is a machine of a human and his fight through every step of this has proven that. Scanner, cameras, life in general are all on the backburner for the time being... so yeah this is why im claiming im back but Im not. On a different positive, musical note (anyone who knows me well enough, knows how much of a role music plays in every avenue of my life) I happen to be in Perth while one of my all time favourites, Explosions in the Sky play this Sunday night. Looking forward to the change of pace thats going to provide.
So yeah... been awol for quite sometime... busy in the world of appreciating my other half and following the grasp of O.O.D (oyster oedema disease). As random as it sounds its actually been exciting times... and the wet season here in the northwest has yet again entertained... Life is nothing short of grand at the moment but the online element has been pretty much lost. So a quick yet as much as text allows heartfelt thankyou for the DD on Life is but a Dream. I'll be updating again soon enough.... still floating firmly in the analogue world, with polaroid holding priority... The sex is great
still sick but nowhere near as bad now... the tiredness is the current killer. Sleeping ridiculous amounts of hours... turning into a full blown rip van winkle. Ordered a new film scanner off ebay as well as SX-70 2x Telephoto lens and 2 twinpacks of SX-70 Blend film and a type100 suprise selection of film from unsaleable. Been focusing mainly on holga/polaroid madness lately so im rather excited ill be able to finally share some of that
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my absence isn't attributed to my untimely death but it might as well be... ive got a rather intense case of glandular fever eating holes through me so yeah... im not dead but close to it... no white lights, just brutally sore throats aching bones migranes fevers and an inability to do much other than sleep.
Perth is way too damn cold, wet & windy for me at the moment so the time to head back up to the hot north-west is at hand. Ive set a plan for myself which i'll no doubt bust up and chop and change. Solid work until April when i'll head back to perth with the intention of hopefully putting on an exhibition during the fotofreo photography festival.. then solid work till August at which time I'll head to Canada to catch up with friends who have moved to the UK to live and will be relocating to Canada. Then its a roadtrip through the US to the Nevada desert for the Burning Man festival. So now all thats left is for me to sit back work my ass off and watch my plans change completely.
So yeah I'm in Chiang Mai... Thailand has been brilliant, but... instead of the whole moving on to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam thing I've decided to cut the trip short. So I'll fly to Singapore from here and then be home in Perth by 9:30pm friday the 13th (ooOOo). I'm enjoying myself and I could easily stay for months if not years but the idea of spending more time in perth before heading back to Broome has become more appealling to me
Well once again ive come out of hiding... or back to life of sorts. Back in perth after dedicating another long (too long) chunk of my time to working and not much else up north. Spending valuable lost time with my gorgeous other half until saturday when I fly out to Thailand then float through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. So consider me reincarnated but who knows for how long... Renewed my subscription but cleared my message centre so this is a call to all to let me know of anything outstandingly amazing that i missed in my absence... personal work or otherwise, I want to revive my love of photography... help me out eh!
Caledonian backpackers, boats in squalls, tiger shark dreams and she moves in her own way.

id write up a storm if i was motivated... just picture some really interesting stories here... mr gold and mr mud. Speaking of storms picture also some pretty bloody amazing clouds as i run inside for cover... going to be another lovingly cool, wild and wooly night
So here i am sitting on the internet slowly tanning while dripping with sweat in the post storm humidity fanning flies off my shoulders. Wireless card is finally sorted for my laptop so Im back in action. Nothing to report photographically... literally nothing which is a shame, haven't touched my camera since I got back up here... just working hard and relaxing even harder. photography downtime is spent listening to tunes in my hammock. Still uncertain of where I actually want to head after a length of time up here... though yesterday i found in my email and after seeing that lineup I'm seriously contemplating going. Whos coming?
yesss ahh last day/night in Perth time again... Intense mental and physical preparation for a big night of madness and frivolity. Fly out to Broome again tomorrow then its another big length of time out in the bush and on the open sea.

Stay safe and take it easy... until i finally get my wireless card in working order, adios!
so far so bad
NOW look what they've done.

so yeah ive been down south, enjoying the beauty and what have you... today at the crack o dawn.. heh not even 4 hours actually.. i gotta get up, pack, jump on mates boat and then its off to rotto a.k.a rottnest island... considering the weather (38 odd degrees celcius) i couldnt think of a better place to be heading... even if ill be running on minimal sleep and post drinkin blues (nothing hair of the dog wont fix). scuba diving, drinking and all round summer festive sun water n sand frivolity to be had. seeyas in a few days and enjoy winter my lovable european friends :D
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i change my mind often... army shall remain on hold for the time being. Back up north to dive until I get enough money to move to Melbourne for a bit as something new.. then from there army antics. Only thing thats certain is that Im hanging for Southbound Festival and im actually looking forward to getting back into some hard work once its over with. The novelty of sitting around doing absolutely nothing has well and truly warn off... laziness snowballs like a terminal illness. Ive got 3 rolls of 120 film and 4 rolls of 35mm sitting there untouched.

There is nothing natural about a natural history museum.
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bristleface peterson is once again soft chin macgee and once again regretting the transformation. The descision to bail the beard is as random and as regular as a large scale natural disaster and always without fail afterwards, like a kid throwing a rock at a moving car, or throwing a burning stick into dry scrub i find myself buried in the aftermath of asking "why did i do that?" Itd be alright if i didnt have a parrot beak for a chin and neck. Im going to get a long overdue haircut tomorrow... and keeping in the vein of random spur of the moment decisions ive decided to bail scuba diving up north to join the army as infantry/company photographer. I realise in this day and age what with wars and people dying that theres alot of hate aimed in that direction, but i must say im still the same old dickhead so hate me for other reasons :D ... those who know me well know ive wanted to be a conflict photojournalist since i was 7 and ive decided fuckit when it comes to waiting for the time to present itself and slowly gaining more "experience". This is the only way to get the experience im thinking.. aside from weaving my way into the media which requires more effort, presents you with less photo ops and everyone still hates you. At worst (other than dying) i hate it, "waste" 4 odd years of my life but know how it all works. leaves me with a fair chunk of my life and a fair wad of cash to travel and achieve my goals my own way... and hell, theres worse armies in the world to join i spose... but that aside, corrugated asbestos cement fencing is still the bane of australia and i still think fences in general are the bane of humanity.
corrugated asbestos cement fencing is the bane of australia and fences in general are the bane of humanity
The kite the association plans to fly is of a kind called "futon-dako" for its structural resemblance to Japanese bedding, I do think it is interesting that lawyers have begun soliciting tube-kite injury cases since that doctor was killed by a drug dealing dalek driven to distraction. Many of the other robots were dismantled entirely on Bus: #119 to/from Dejvicka, last stop on Metro A, 12kc for whole journey... big old lollies which last ages.
Saw Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia; Magnolia Electric Co. and Pyramid Electric Co. fame all on his lonesome the other night, just one man a mic a guitar and a room of 40 odd people. stunningly brilliant night... hes a human human and the vulnerability of the entire evening was rather refreshing unlike the house red. If the oppurtunity arises see this man.

and tonight..

John Thomas on the inside is nothing but foam.
heh so i randomly switched my laptop wireless hoohar on here at home and alas it picked up a network... i connected and... well it worked. i have no idea how legal this is but oh well here i am on free internet as long as it lasts :D
been messing around a fair bit with film cameras... holgas, polaroids, all that jazz... shall upload some stuff if and when i get a scanner. Heading back up north after christmas for those who want to know and then either a winter in europe or south america is next on the list, though not after another stint of busting my balls working... this time a bit of hookah diving when im not driving boats. Fingers crossed the crocs and tiger sharks stay away.
Still without the internet kids... still working random stasis style in preperatory fly away again times, got a rather fat back catalogue of photography i want to share... so much so i dont know where to start if/when i ever get back here long enough... officially turned 25 on saturday and broke my ankle watching West Coast Eagles win by 1 point in a bloody brilliant Aussie Rules Footy Premiership Final... yess ahhh. Limited hello other person computer im alives sorry... public holiday perfect weather bbq time. Take it easy